Fox News North

Canada may soon have its own Tea Party – just like the U.S! If Stephen Harper and the new Sun Media television channel(Fox News North) have their way, Canadians may indeed soon be enjoying all the benefits of a media driven , Canadian Tea Party movement.

 Mono syllabic hysteria, misspelled rally signs, perhaps an Ignatieff  “birther” cult, and gatherings where extremists of all descriptions chant their three “G” mantra – “ God, Guns, and Gays”.

 Never in Canada you say? Until recently, I would have agreed with you.

 Even though there is an anti “ Fox News North” petition afoot and Canadian cultural icon Margaret Atwood is livid that Stephen Harper is putting undue pressure on the C.R.T.C. to allow his former communications director Kory Teneyke to head up Fox News North, we Canadians are still not alarmed.

 After all, in Canada we have always enjoyed comparatively sensible conservatives , civil, benign, and further left than most American Democrats.

But I’m afraid  a perfect storm is developing , which may, with the help of an hysterical right wing news channel, metamorposize  our nice, Canadian right wingers into American style zealots.

First, the recent , tragic Arizona  shootings have not caused the American media to pause in its vitriol, it’s throwing gas on the fire. “Glock” handgun  (the shooters weapon) sales have spiked in Arizona and many other states since the shootings. It’s not just a single disturbed person – there are many more who have and will respond to the steady diet of the kind of screaming, hate media we are now considering importing. Its’ getting scary.

Don Cherry is being lauded as a Palin- esque “straight talker” glorifying the Afghan war effort and decrying “ left wing pinkos” on publicly supported TV. Disturbingly, many Canadians have no problem accepting the extension of Cherry’s somewhat beloved Canadian hockey jingoism into politics. It’s getting scary.

Ominously we, in Canada are now suddenly required to genuflect to our military at every sports event and as a preface to any public discourse, just as our Fox fed  neighbours do. It’s getting scary.

If  this keeps up, and “Fox News North” successfully womps up my colleague and his friends, we too could soon have  a  good looking, Conservative, Canadian   airhead  declaring   “Ah cn see Amurica from ma back porch”.

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Educational consultant from Port Moody. "The Stuff Isn't What's Important" " School Wide Discipline Programmes Don't Work" " Vice Principals are crucial towards setting direction"
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