Teachers Are Heroes

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Teachers Are Heroes

When was the last time you heard a real testimonial about school teachers?
It’s time for one, because for our country’s teachers, it’s often a long time between positive strokes.

I feel about teachers the way some, (admittedly jingoistic) Americans feel about their armed forces. They are heroes.

The job teachers do for our country is impossibly challenging and heroic. They struggle daily against immeasurable odds: bureaucratic trivia, egregious political interference, daily increasing professional demands , low salaries, public criticism and general under – appreciation. It is incredible to me that they come back each day, to help our children grow and learn. Teachers are legitimately heroic in what they do for our country.

“ Oh, Come on”, you’re laying it on a bit thick. My son’s teacher ignores bullying and the Principal wastes money on … (fill in the blank)- and they get two months off…

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Educational consultant from Port Moody. "The Stuff Isn't What's Important" " School Wide Discipline Programmes Don't Work" " Vice Principals are crucial towards setting direction"
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